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They’ve always been important but now–now, people connect with anyone, anywhere.I’ve talked to pretty much everyone–and look at me, I’m a nobody.Tucker probably popped up on the CEO’s tracking grid–someone told him he was hot.And because the CEO has the words Chief and Executive in his title, he figured it was a safe bet assuming that he was more important. He didn’t bother to look that the traffic of his online video service had half the traffic of the client he couldn’t bother to write a professional email to.Instead of creating the illusion of history or of research, ?If you break down the email situation above, it is very easy to see what happened and then what could have happened.In actuality, the pitch has devolved instead of evolved.It has been pared down to its purest form: The Connection. What do you bring to the table right then and there, what can tear down the suspicion, the resentment, the fear?

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I rarely fly, partly because I'm irrationally scared of death by airplane crash, and partly because I find the whole thing so stressful--between flight delays and early departures and red-eyes and waiting in long lines and even simply getting to the airport on time, there is so much potential for things to either go wrong or just flat-out suck that I don't always enjoy the process. She looked down at it, frowned, and then had what seemed to be a five-hour discussion with a co-worker about whom the co-worker could get to cover for her while she ran an errand.In most cases, genuineness is the cheapest and best route.Instead of tricking the talent into thinking you like their art, what if you actually liked it?Amazingly, I managed to arrive there with about 7 minutes to go before my flight took off ...and I managed to check in, sign up for a standby flight (just in case), get past security and race to the gate that my flight was leaving from ...

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