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Another could be a feature about the fall of a company, like we did with THQ.And this month, we're trying something else — instead of posting one feature, we put together an online magazine about Japan's game industry.In 2009, he released a game called as a live show he's performed in front of a crowd in Japan.

Iida's cover is a collage of art he originally created for a live show.In some ways, this is a nod to the Japan theme issues that magazines like Edge, Games TM and Hyper have done over the years.We did one at Electronic Gaming Monthly while I worked there and it was one of my favorite issues of that era.He chose to show the popularity of mobile and portable games in Japan relative to console games, as seen through a day in the life on a train. He's been working on a new album of his own and is debuting the first track from that album, "First Contact," here for the first time.You can sample other songs from the album on Brave Wave's preorder page.

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