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Experts forecast stable growth for the global gambling market in 2018 Fitch Ratings Incorporated has reported forecasts regarding the development of the global gambling market in 2018.

Following the research of relevant data, experts concluded that a moderate but stable growth in many national markets was expected.

On the previous day it was announced during a news conference that the network's interface would be translated into Azerbaijani.

Thus, the new purpose of each trip and information on the new hosting organization must be indicated in the Migration Card form in order to clear Russian customs and border control. The passport of the applicant, as a rule, must be valid for at least full six months after the visa expiry date. The Order regulates the procedure for assessing the fee due from foreign nationals applying for a Russian visa, as of the 28th of January, 2017 (The date on which the Order comes into effect). Prior to submitting your visa application to Russian consulate you must make an appointment on the following web-site.Please note that in accordance with the new Order, the rates for the issuance of visas have changed. For applying directly you are required to appear in person for a visa interview at the Consular Division from 9 a.m. Please, comply with the general visa obtaining procedure and have available all the documents concerning your trip.Please, acquaint yourself with the updated consular fees required to obtain a Russian visa, effective as of 28th January, 2017. Tourist\visa processing agencies have to submit applications to the ILS only. All applications for Russian visas submitted in the United States must be prepared using the electronic visa application form at the website New visa processing fees for US Citizens Under the agreement between the Embassy of the Russian Federation to the United States of America and the company «Invisa Logistics Services LLC», in improving visa services, US citizens, foreign nationals and stateless persons may apply for all Russian visa types at the above-mentioned company's Monday-Friday (Eastern Time) 9.00 a.m. Russian visa applications prepared using the old format or in a different way are not accepted any more. Procedure for trips by foreign nationals to the Republic of Crimea (Russian Federation) VIII.Information for Turkish citizens In accordance with the Decree № 583, issued by the President of the Russian Federation on November 28, 2015, the procedure for entering the Russian Federation for citizens of the Republic of Turkey, bearers of a regular Turkish passports, has been revised.

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