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This parsonage was erected in about 1860 for the Rev. A replica of the cross has been erected on the same bleak, exposed spot, high above the waves. The property is over the road from the Aliwal High School. The town of Aliwal North owes its existence mainly to two of the oldest and most convenient drifts through the Orange River that formerly provided access between the Cape Colony and the Transgariep. Believed to have been designed by Sir Herbert Baker this sandstone building was erected during the last decade of the 19th century. This early Victorian dwelling-house with its two impressive triangular front gables dates from the 1830s and was erected by Captain Thomas Cowedroy.I’m unsure as to what I’ve supposedly missed out on.I lived in Brielle, Zuid-Holland for a substantial amount of time, and found the people there, and the surrounding area – Rockanje, Hellevoetsluis, Oostvoorne – to be very friendly indeed.The roof was of slate from North Wales, brought out to Port Elizabeth as ships’ ballast.This wool mill was built in 1821 by Samuel Bradshaw, an 1820 Settler.

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