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The fat cop, stunned, turns bright red and CHARGES JACK. JACK pulls an automatic from his pocket and tosses it in ECKHARDT's lap.

By now PATRONS are staring out of the restaurant windows.

By the time he reaches the corner JACK has swaggered up alongside him.

He turns left, gestures to JACK to meet him farther up the block.

This most unusual deck sports a .22 calibre BULLET HOLE straight through the middle. His features are delicate, almost feminine, and he takes a vain, gangsterish pride in his appearance. He trains a cold eye on DENT's televised image as ALICIA HUNT -- 26, beautiful, Carl Grissom's kept woman -- glides over in her negligee and snuggles up.

THE HAND sets the deck on an end table, raps it twice, turns up four aces off the top. JACK NAPIER, 32, is right-hand man and chief enforcer to Boss Carl Grissom.

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