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THE worst - and weirdest - profiles on dating website OK Cupid have been revealed and it's enough to put you off looking for a man online for life.

From blokes who admit to farting (a lot) to fellas who are VERY proud of their packages, these hopeful singletons are unsurprisingly sparse of matches.

Maybe we even a few cute couples who've had great relationships, or even gotten married by thanks to OKCupid, Plenty Of Fish, Tinder, Grindr (OK, nobody's getting married off of Grindr...

though you never know), Ashley Madison (if anyone got married off of that, it'd be amaaazing), or any other online services that allow you to filter through human beings like they're items for sale on Amazon.

"It's really about what your views are, what people's agency in the world is, this radical idea that your body, your pleasure, your decision making, your dreams, and the ability to pursue them should be yours.

[The badge] is more than showing you're a supporter of birth control, it's a way of showing you're a supporter of a world view about women." Ok Cupid users should be able to see the question on their profiles starting today.

So if the one thing keeping you from diving nose first into dating is fear of winding up at a bar with someone who thinks little to nothing of women's health and sexuality, allow this badge to ease at least some of your worries.

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Everyone else who answers "no" will have the badge on their profile for at least a month, depending on how long Ok Cupid decides to extend the promoted question. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own.Want to know more about Consumer Affairs accredited brands? FIND OTHER COMPANIESAfter I got deleted by Ok Cupid because of its numerous scammers, I was told by a mod that getting a new email account was the way to get back on it. However, today, someone who has nothing better to do at OKC may have put two and two together and deleted it again.They introduced the question, and after getting nearly 400,000 answers, found an overwhelming support for Planned Parenthood among the app's female users."Ninety percent of millennial women on Ok Cupid care about and believe in supporting Planned Parenthood," she said.

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