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Lisa's hip was pressing against his crotch and his penis was evidently protesting by its semi-hard state. With no room to pull away his stiff member slipped up to her backside like a piece in a puzzle.

He arched his backside toward the car door to give his cock room and it thanked him by extending to a full erection in just seconds. His swim shorts and her thin nearly see-through beach dress were not much of a barrier and he could feel her warmth.

Before he could let the door slam shut he heard a commotion in the bathroom. At first he was terrified -- it was like watching a train wreck, horrifying but he just couldn't take his eyes off them.

He stuck his foot between the door and the jam before it could slam and quietly eased it shut and listened. Anne had blond curly shoulder-length hair and was just slightly chubby, but not fat, with full breasts and round butt.

His parents had always been in good health and Joseph couldn't believe his father might be having a heart attack.

His father, James, was 53 years old, six years older than his mother.

Joseph was there waiting and in less than a minute the bright green taxi pulled up and the three of them climbed inside the tiny car.

James sat in the front with the driver and Joseph threw his dad's suitcase in the back seat and climbed in after his mother.

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Joseph knocked on the door of his parent's room and almost before he could pull his fist back the door flew open.Of course Anne snuck out the last two nights and Joseph knew she would kick his ass if he told. Joseph walked back to the room after swimming in the ocean to shower. The sun felt warm on his dark hair and tanned back, and the hot sand tickled between his toes as he strolled.A bikini-clad, brown-eyed senorita passed in front of him and flashed him a bright smile.After some time Joseph's leg was asleep and tingling.He shifted toward Lisa attempting to relieve the pressure on his leg. The flowery thin beach dress Lisa wore over her bathing suit slid up to mid thigh and their legs pressed together sharing warmth.

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