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First Class is divided into Coupes (seating/sleeping for two) and Cabins (seating/sleeping for four) and have lockable doors ensuring complete privacy.This shot if from the “E” Coupe on the 16561/2 Bangalore Yeshwantpur – Trivandrum Kochuveli AC Express.

There is certainly plenty to see and do when you travel to Melbourne, as well as the chance to sit back and relax.2000), owing to their high divergence within the family, and transport them to their respective olfactory receptors triggering the mechanism of olfaction (Pelosi and Maida 1995).The arthropod OBPs form a large specific multi-gene family. OBPs have been identified in a number of insect species, including four dipterian species (Pelletier and Leal 2009, 2011).The role of odorant binding proteins (OBPs) in the primary molecular events of olfaction in mosquitoes is becoming an important focus of biological research in this area.Here, we present a comprehensive comparative genomics study of OBPs in the three disease-transmitting mosquito species starting with the identification of 110 new OBPs in these three genomes.

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