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Redford broke off from making the film The Natural and flew to Colorado to comfort his daughter, attending her lover’s funeral.“The lack of closure in Wells’ death would be a terrible burden on the family for years to come,” writes Callan.“The doctors gave Jamie a 40-60 chance but he hung in.Over a month his condition improved and then he stabilised.Yet Redford offers little on his daughter’s grief, simply recalling that he found her “convulsed with confusion, in a terrible state”.Police recently put out an arrest warrant for Smika after new ballistics testing technology linked him to the 20-gauge shotgun used to kill Wells.He made sure that his children, wife, ex-wife, co-stars and best friends cooperated with the author.

Some other seminal events also receive scant mention. We didn’t know anything about sudden infant death syndrome so the only thing you think is that you’ve done something wrong. That creates a scar that never completely heals.” Redford notoriously bottles up his pain inside. The hardest thing in the world is when your children have problems.And yet in his biography Redford utters not a word on this horrendous period.While Jamie is voluble on the subject Redford remains silent.By passing quickly over some of the most emotionally rending experiences in his life, Redford reveals the deep pain still locked within him.The star of The Sting, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, Indecent Proposal and Out Of Africa has spent 14 years collaborating with author Michael Callan, detailing the minutiae of his life during lunches and dinners, lengthy interviews and long walks across the mountainous terrain around Redford’s beloved Sundance ranch in Utah.

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